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建立一个网站,他们就会来. While that may have been a thought in business owners’ minds years ago, that formula is a sure-fire way to failure today.

A simple website won’t get the proper amount of traffic to keep you in business. 一项研究表明 that 92 percent of website visitors visit a website for the first time for reasons other than buying.

今天的销售不仅仅是建立一个网站. You have to nurture your visitors, giving them enough information to walk them to the sale. And the best way to do that is by focusing on developing a robust digital marketing funnel.


A digital marketing funnel is often referred to as a sales funnel, or simply a marketing funnel. It describes the specific marketing process used to move a potential customer from the introduction phase through the sale, 以及定制留存策略. It’s the experience of the buyer journey, from beginning to end.

加上" digital "这个词, each task leads a prospect to another tool that helps grow your online traffic, 构建数据库, 并转变为付费客户. 这是所有在网上使用的步骤 发展你的生意.

If you’re new to the marketing funnel concept, imagine pouring grain through a funnel. 在顶部, if you dumped a 50 pound bag way above the funnel, only a percentage of the grain would enter the funnel. This captured grain enters, slows, as it moves down. Eventually, it’s narrowed enough to move through the bottom with just a handful of other grains. Each piece moving through the funnel in its own time and manner.

你的数字营销漏斗的工作原理与此类似. The internet is a wide array of users, some of which are funneled to your site by a variety of means. 社交媒体, 搜索引擎优化, paid traffic – it all works to build awareness of your brand.

As a visitor comes to your site, views your information, some will want to take another step. They sign up for a free report, fill out a form, like your page. 他们选择关注你.

随着时间的推移,你的信息会变得更响亮、更清晰. 他们前进. 问问题. 采取下一步. Until eventually, they press the button and do business with you.

The more you understand your customer, the easier it is to move them down the funnel. 你会说他们的语言. You give them the right information in the right order. 他们自然地想要更多.



The marketing funnel exists to ensure that every stage of the customer experience is well thought out, and motivates a deeper connection with the people you do business with. It:

  • 提高意识
  • 教育你的访客
  • 建立对你的产品和彩乐园dsn的兴趣
  • 以一种激励的方式介绍你的优惠
  • 诱使他们做出决定
  • 给他们适当的步骤来采取行动

The more time you spend developing your digital marketing funnel, the more successful your online business will be. 您可以:

  • 与你的领导建立信任
  • 在旅程的每一步都要呵护他们
  • 建立有意义的联系
  • 利用多个数字渠道的力量
  • 增加客户的终身价值

有了这些想法,你该从哪里开始呢? How do you build a successful digital marketing funnel of your own?


你的第一步是捕捉意识. This is about getting your brand in front of potential customers, and having them notice you.

Digital 市场营销 CTA reading "Find out how DMG can help your business today!点击“让我们开始”按钮Your first step is to understand why your 客户来了 to you in the first place. 这是关于建立信任. It’s about positioning yourself as the authority.

要做到这一点,最好的方法就是通过内容. 博客 posts are an easy way to generate traffic to your site. You can write about all areas your customers are interested in, and if done the right way, they will 提高你的搜索引擎优化策略 在搜索结果中扩展你自己.

它还不止于博客文章. There are many tools you can use to capture attention:

  • 视频
  • 信息图
  • 导致磁铁
  • 免费的报告
  • 白皮书
  • 电子书
  • 社交媒体
  • 搜索引擎优化
  • 扫描电镜

It may seem overwhelming with the number of options you have. We suggest starting small, building and refining as you go. It allows you to test, find out what resonates with your audience, and build more of the same.


As people learn more about you, they want to dive deeper into your brand. 这是觉知阶段的延续. 当你构建内容时, 你可以进一步扩展你的知识面, 允许某人想走多深就走多深.

While content at the awareness stage may be short and concise, at the interest stage you can provide more detailed information. 让他们报名参加免费课程. 或者填写一份免费报告的表格.

他们感兴趣的. 给他们更多他们想要的.


As a prospect dives deeper, it’s time to push them towards action. 你能为他们提供什么来和你做生意?

你的目标是向他们展示你的工作. 如果他们有问题,你有答案. If they’re unsure, you provide the surety they need to move forward.

You consistently remind them of the benefits of doing business with you.


这是你方最优惠的报价. 这就是为什么他们现在应该说“是”.

Unlike the earlier steps, this is the point where you require them to take action.

This is also where a lot of marketers drop the ball. 不要隐藏你的提议. Don’t make it anything but what it is: a reason to move forward with you.


Once you’ve completed the sale, it’s time to continue building raving fans. Referral marketing will help build your business quicker than any other form of marketing. 你应该这样做.

建立连接. 提供娱乐. 创建品牌意识. Have them fall in love with you, over and over again.

And you’ll have a thriving business for many years to come.